Felicity Buchanan is a self-taught watercolour artist and textile designer with an inherent passion for pattern, colour, interiors and objet d'art. 

Born in South Africa to a Swedish mother and English father, they embraced a South African way of life, however, herparents' traditions and heritage have always had a strong influence on her Moving to the UK, she landed her dream job in London working for Robert Kime, renowned and respected interior decorator and antiques dealer.  It was a chance to learn and explore the makings of varied and beautifully detailed interiors, where pattern heavily features in designs.  With a love for watercolour painting, she began creating her own designs, patterns and artwork. 

Leaving her career at Robert Kime for new adventures in the Hampshire countryside as a mother, she soon found a way to satisfy her in-born need to create and design by filling endless books with patterns. Inspired by her new surroundings,drawing on happy childhood memories and her travels around the world she has developed her own unique and original style.  

Specializing in watercolour illustrations with detailed hand-painted frames, she also collaborates on surface pattern designs for clothing, interior textiles and stationery. Her art is joyful, full of colour and detail. It’s evident her heart and soul go into everything she creates.